Sewer Line Problems: How An Articulating Borescope Can Be Helpful

Posted on: 23 December 2015

Have you decided to focus your newly certified plumbing skills on helping people with sewer line problems? The best way to build a good reputation of being an efficient plumber would be to invest in a device called an articulating borescope. Discover below what you should know about an articulating borescope for use in sewer lines.

What Makes an Articulating Borescope Useful to a Plumber?

One of the benefits of getting an articulating borescope for your plumbing business is the accuracy it will provide for diagnosing sewer line problems. Basically, the device can be sent through a sewer line system via a long tube. The tube is able to work its way through debris that may be in the sewer line. The most important part of an articulating borescope is the camera that it has attached to the end of it. The camera is used for helping you make a diagnosis and coming up with an efficient plan to repair the sewer line.

You have the option of capturing still images with the camera, or it can be used to get a live view of the sewer line system. You will have complete control over the borescope as it is in the sewer line. The long tube has a handle on it that you will hold during the diagnosis process. The handle has a screen on it that you can view, whether it is the images or live video. You can also invest in a borescope that does not have a screen on it, as it will allow you to attach a USB cable and view the captured sewer line footage on a computer.

Does An Articulating Borescope Have a Light On It?

There is a light included on an articulating borescope that will make diagnosing sewer line problems more accurate. The small light is bright enough to illuminate anything that might be inside of a sewer line, such as debris, cracks, tree roots and animal carcasses. Being able to clearly see what kind of problem you are dealing with can help you avoid having to excavate customers landscapes based on guesswork. Landscape excavation should be avoided unless you need direct access to the sewer line for repairing cracks or installing a new one.

Having an articulating borescope when you are out on the job will help you fix sewer line systems faster. Make sure you start out right as a new plumber by investing in an articulating borescope for diagnosing sewer line problems!